Dentist with dental nurse

At the Heart of Liverpool Dentistry

Welcome to Liverpool Local Dental Committee

Liverpool LDC is made up of local NHS dentists elected by their peers.  LDCs are statutory bodies setup to represent dentists to the NHS.  This is why we are funded by the Statutory Levy – every NHS dentist has to pay it to ensure the LDC exists.

Here at Liverpool LDC we take our responsibility to dentists really seriously.  As well as representing dentists interests with the NHS, both locally and nationally, this LDC supports and connects local practitioners through big events and small meetings.

If you’re a Liverpool dentist experiencing any issues at all in NHS dentistry, why not get in touch and see if the LDC can help.

We are here for Liverpool Dentists


The LDC meets with NHS England on a regular basis, as well as attending national meetings to ensure your voice is heard


NHS Practitioners experiencing any sort of difficulty can contact the LDC for support whether it be clinical or administrative


Through large educational events, small groups and one to one meetings the LDC connects local practitioners together